Warm-up - 3 rounds of: 

100 STAB crunches
100 STAB twist ext (R+L=2)
33 tick tocks R 25/35
33 tick tocks L 25/35
100 plate switches 4" plate


3-3-3-2-1 reps for ea hand of:

Turkish get-ups (& downs) AHAP

Post highest weight per set, per hand to comments. 

Workout Notes:

  • Wear long pants today. Your knees will thank you for this. You'd think that using the mats at the gym would be helpful. It's not. It makes you unstable. 
  • You might find it's best to do TGUs without shoes.  
  • You may do all reps to the R then start with the L if you like. You may also alternate L & R. 
  • Don't be afraid of using a bar. Remember, the point here is to increase the strength and stability of your core. You might not be able to handle the same weight with a bar, but you'll likely add more strength to your core. 
  • Might consider using a KB for the weight also. I know people who will swear Turkish Get Ups with a KB cured their shoulder issues.  


You gotta be booking to get a tear from monsters! Strong work Ash.