Complete couplets in any order. Complete all rounds of couplet before moving to the next. 

Four rounds:

15 BB biceps curls 45/65
:45 sec elliptical sprint 8/10  

Four rounds: 

15 front squats 45/65
:45 sec standing spinbike sprint

Four rounds: 

15 pushups
45 sec plate switches (4")

Four rounds:

15 v-ups
25 box jumps

Daily Extras - None today. 

Workout Notes:

  • An elliptical sprint = keep speed above 75
  • What does 8/10 on the elliptical mean? Females use level 8, Males 10. 
  • How to set elliptical level? Jump on and crank the platforms until display lights up -> push "quick start" lower left hand corner -> select number of desired level OR up/down arrow.
  • Don't sit down on the bike. Standing simulates a sprint. 
  • Keep the pushups strict.
  • I prefer the much safer OG box jumps. Maybe that's because I'm an OG.
  • No elliptical/bike? Cool do a commiserate amount of cardio (RIP, burpees, rope jumps etc.)

Rule #3 - Lead from the Front "The Way of the Health and Fitness Disciple."  

I've been chuckling about a book I've read/listened to a dozen times or so over the last 2 years. It's a book about "the rules" for cycling. It's equal parts informative and offensive. It's also wickedly funny. If you are a cyclist and have a sense of humor about yourself, read it!

I've been waiting for "the keepers of the cog" to put out a book on health and fitness, but no luck. So, I've taken the bull by the horns, so to speak, and am writing it myself. Not that I can do the subject justice and not that I can hold a candle to their brilliance, but someone has to do it and so far, that someone, is me. Therefore go I. 

The vid below is the 4th chapter of the book. If you are interested in picking up the other parts, click here and scroll back a bit. I'll fix this in the future. As I go I'll dedicate a portion of the GPP site to "The Rules - The Way of the Health and Fitness Disciple." But we aren't there yet. 

If you are so inspired/offended, please share with others you know. It'll help me face the rejection I'm sure to get later. When I get it done (actually, it may never be done) I plan to submit it to publishers nation and world-wide. As I am sure to have my work spurned by any and all reputable publication companies, it will help me to know a couple of you had enough of a chuckle along the way that you'd share it with (inflict it upon?) another.