AMRAP in 35 min

400 m run
25 plate squats 25/45
2 min cardio (bike, elliptical, rope jumps, etc)
25 pushups (strict)
2 min cardio (bike, elliptical, rope jumps, etc)
25 bar kicks

Post rounds completed to comments.

Daily Extras - Add 10 min

Workout Notes: 

  • Really push that cardio. The point of this workout is to blow out those lungs.
  • Form up on the lifts. Try to get those muscles burning. Plus, it's your only rest!
  • Plate squats = grab a plate 25/45. Hug it. Squat it.
  • Use whatever bar you like for the kicks. Heavier works best for the guys.
  • Thanks to Tara & Shmoopy for the workout!

Kate and Co. Using their fitness! From Kate: 

"Spent 2 days setting up camp, literally hauling my kids all over Yellowstone (10 miles/day of walking, hiking, piggy-backing), taking down camp and making precious memories with my three angel-faced kids. Bliss."