With  a deck of cards perform exercises as drawn for each of the following:

Hearts = DB biceps curls (strict) 15/20 ea.
Diamonds = situps
Clubs = squats
Spades = burpees

Numbered cards are done for reps as numbered
Face cards are 10 reps
Aces are 15 reps
Jokers = 400m run

As soon as 1/2 the class is done with the card - we move on!
Rx is awarded to those who do all the reps on all the cards and finish with the class.

Daily Extras - Add 3 reps to every card that is called - and try to keep up!

Workout Notes: 

  • Triceps are smoked. Rough week on those and it's only Wed! Not that those burpees don't use a bit of tris, but let's stay away from them where we can for a couple of days. Cool beans?
  • The record for an entire class completing this workout is 18:28.  Not that we are into racing through workouts, or anything.  It's just and interesting fact we thought we'd share. 
  • The longest string of burpees for this workout was 42.

Awesome shoot! Thanks @alexlowry

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