Warm-up - 3 rounds  (rest 90 sec between each round)

20 Aussie pullups 
20 v-twists 15/20
20 lat pull downs 5/9
20 situps

Workout: 5 rounds (no rest)

8-12 unilateral DB row R AHAP
150 m arms only row
8-12 unilateral DB row L AHAP
150 m arms only row

Post weights used per round.

Daily Extras - 

- Ladies complete 75 PERFECTLY strict pushups
- Gents complete 100 PERFECTLY strict pushups

Workout Notes: 

  • Stay flexible with the number of Aussies you do today. It's just a warm up. If you typically get sore arms from these, stay below 50 total. Less if you're new. Take plenty of rest between warm-up sets. 90-120 seconds suggested.
  • Take no rests between rounds of the workout. It'll be interesting to see the difference between the weights posted for set #1 vs. set #5. 
  • Remember this suggestion? "It'll be interesting to see the difference in weights posted between this workout and the NEXT time we do this one, which is the point." 
  • Having a hard time doing those pushups (daily extras) using STRICT form? Try one knee pushups

"But I can't come mountain biking with you guys on Tuesdays. My bike has a flat."

We've got you covered, friend...See you there!

Doing Bonneville Shoreline again. Meet at the trail head top of 9th No. in Bountiful at 7:30pm. Mix of Jeep trail and some single track. Easy/moderate. We'll ride 45 min out and 45 back. Should beat sundown. 


Gaylen fixes Hattie's flat.