Two times through - 

On "GO!" class performs 1 min cardio sprint. Go HARD! We will rotate between these 5 exercises: 

elliptical 8/10 (speed 65+)
spin bike
plate switches

Before rotating to next cardio sprint, class comes together for 30 slow count reps OTC of ONE of the exercises below. We will rotate between these:

DB biceps curls 15/20 ea.
step back lunges (1+1=1)
DB shoulder press 15/20 ea.
DB bent row 15/20 ea. 
OH DB triceps ext. 15/20

Daily Extras - 

  1. Go bottom 2 bottom on all lifts. 
  2. Stand on 1 leg.

Workout Notes: 

  • It's easy, you go from a cardio sprint to ONE of the lifting exercises. After that, switch to a different cardio. Rinse and repeat. Rotate through it twice.
  • 30 reps is NO JOKE! We are specifically programmed to do sets of 20 at GPP. This will mean stepping way out of our comfort zones. 
  • Some of you might need more weight for those OH DB tris. 
  • Trainer will push you to be back to work within 15 seconds of the last exercise.
  • If we run out of DBs, use a bar of the same accumulated weight. Might have to do skull crushers for tris. Skull crushers are easier than OH exts, use 2x the weight suggested.
  • "Should we do these strict?" Um ... sure. Mostly do them the way you did them last time. 
  • Don't remember what you did last time? POST DAMMIT!

A thought or two about our new programming...

One of the things that has kept me from dropping programming on you like I did yesterday (combining abs with heavy multi-joint work), is I cherish the thought of you having a full day rest to recover from Wednesday's melee. It just seems right to let the muscles we worked Wednesday rest while we hit abs on Thursday. After they've recovered for 2 full days, we can hit the big muscle groups again on Fri.

I don't worry about this so much with abs. It's hard to overdo abs. Not that it can't be done, it's just that since it's hard to add an enormous amount of weight directly to the core muscles they don't get as torn up and generally seem to recover faster. You could almost work them every day if you planned it right. And sometimes we do...

This is not so with other muscle groups. For example, we went pretty heavy on the shoulders yesterday, yet here shoulders are again today. Can we do them? Probably. We only did 3 sets of 10 yesterday. I know many of you wanted more, but I knew shoulders were coming again today, so I drastically limited the volume hoping we could do both. 

Here's the thing, if you are still feeling shoulders (or any other musc group) from yesterday -scale baby! Don't chance an injury. Injuries are never worth the push. Knowadimean?

Make a note of how you feel to comments. It'll help you in the future. Also, resist the impulse to do a lot of extras while we are getting used to this new schedule (abs + heavy on Tu & Th). It'll only take a couple of weeks for most of us to get all the way up to speed. Then you can start adding the extras back in. I know a couple of you NEED the extras, so I'll keep posting, but be smart with them. Cool? Thx!

Perfection Aurora!