EMOM for 10 min complete:
100 rope jumps
rest 1 min, then

EMOM for 10 min complete:
35 KB swings 25/35
rest 1 min, then

EMOM for 10 min complete:
12 burpees

Post reps missed from each category and general thoughts to comments.

Daily Extras - 

Hoping you'll go hard enough at yourself with this workout that you won't have any energy left over to do extras. 

Workout Notes: 

  • We are forgoing our regular Tuesday workout this week in favor of a little more huffin' & puffin'. We'll pick it back up with the "squats" next week.
  • This means we'll have 2 heavy breathers in a row both today and tomorrow.
  • Stay plastic with the number of reps you complete. Just because the set calls for 35 reps in a minute, doesn't mean you can't do more. Rookies, the opposite is also true of this.
  • It's hard to keep track of the reps you complete during a workout like this, but it can be very useful for the next time you perform it. 

Snaked this from Jason McNair's FB feed. Thank you for the constant inspiration Judy!