Complete 4 rounds of each couplet before moving to the next. Employ strict form with the lifts. Couplets may be completed in any order. 

20 situps
20 DB biceps curls (strict) 15/20 ea.

20 tic tocks R 25/35
20 OH DB triceps ext. 15/20

20 tic tocks L 25/35
20 OH DB press (strict) 15/20 ea. 

20 DB v-twists 15/20 (R+L=1)
20 high cable pull down (handles) 6/8

20 superman back ext.
20 squats

Post "done" along with tips for others and your future self to comments. 

Daily Extras - 5 rounds per couplet

Workout Notes:

  • It's shorter than it looks.
  • Form is key on the lifts. Ideally, you'll find a weight that will cause your muscles to burn like hell during the 20 reps. Remember, you only get 4 sets so play around with the weights a little before the workout to see where you are at today. 
  • It's not timed, but put a hurry on. If you aren't sweaty by the end, you owe me a mile.
  • Still experimenting with that pull down. Don't be afraid to play with the pin. ("that's what ...)
  • If you aren't sweaty by the time you get to the squat couplet, turn it into a goblet squat.
  • That V-twist/pull-down combo will be interesting. Used a 10 pullup/20 V-up combo when testing this. It was devastating. If you are feeling froggy ... go ahead. Just let me know how it treated you in comments.

Can't believe we haven't done more of this kind of thing. We are getting together next Tuesday @ 7:30 PM for a crank up to Elephant Rock. Please join.