3 rounds for time:

20 KB clusters 25/35
20 DB pass through step back lunges 15/20 (R+L=1)
250 m row
20 KB clusters 25/35
20 DB halos 15/20 (R+L=1)
25 box jumps

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Daily Extras - (do all)

800 m run
400 m run (x2)

Rest :60 s between each run.

Workout Notes:

  • Rough week on you low backs. Whenever I go hard at a body part/muscle group I'll always give it a rest for a day or two then go back at it again at the end of the week. Those clusters and pass throughs might pinch a bit. If your back is still sensitive lower the weight and reps. Then slow everything WAY down. This workout goes much easier on those with good form.  
  • Anything you can do with a KB can be (mostly) done with a DB.
  • Careful taking that KB OH. If you are off by just a little, you won't have been the first person who forcefully shoved the handle of it into your mouth (chin, neck).
  • In order for those step back pass through lunges to count for the Rx, a knee must touch the ground each time. Otherwise you are scaling. Which is cool. Unless you aren't.
  • Confused folk will often ask, "Should we be concerned with extending our hips at the top of a box jump?" Answer is: Sure. And also, I don't care. Fact is, short and long box jumps are each as hard as the other. The sweet spot occurs somewhere in the middle. We program for the sweet spot. Everybody's sweet spot is just a bit different. If someone wants to make them harder - fine! But remember, harder doesn't always = better.
  • Over 40? Consider THIS box jump instead. 

Before you click the link below, it's only fair to warn you, the article is not entirely "G" rated. By "not entirely" I mean - it's not. For those of you who know me, there are no surprises within. For those who don't - there might be surprises. If you are sensitive to somewhat explicit language please click the link at your own risk.  

Rule # 1 - There MUST be Rules (musings by Neil)


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