Warm Up:

1000 m row
75 V-Ups
100 DB alt. conditioning curls 15/20 ea. (R+L=1)


5 supersets of: 

8-12 reps narrow lat pull downs AHAP
standing cable mid-row burnouts @ 50%
Rest 3-5 minutes between supersets

Workout Notes from Katelyn:

  • I want to keep those lat pull downs and rows as strict as they can be. Really focus on shaping those muscles individually today.
  • Sit low enough that you'll come to a complete stretch at the top of those pull downs. Keep your back straight and push yourself.
  • Watch your rest time. I don’t want you going more than the given time. Also, don’t cut yourself short on that rest time either. You need those muscles to recharge before going after another burnout set. You’ll want the time. Trust me. 
  • No lat pull down? Try assisted pullups or these  
  • No cable mid-row? Try BB bent rows

One Workout Note from Neil:

  • I deleted the pull-down vid. It's because I'm an idiot. I was sure I'd have one made before we did it again, yet here we are. Hehe. Hope the photo helps you set it up.

I love these! People ARE awesome! 

I never get tired of this kind of thing! Thank you Wally.