AMRAP in 40 min:

25 plate switches (R+L=1)
25 plate cleans 25/45
25 burpees
250 m row
25 anchored stab situps

Post rounds completed to comments.

Daily Extras - 

100 squats without a break.

Workout Notes (by Linds):

  • Remember, there are 2 full hip extensions in a plate clean.  Don’t overthink the movement.  Tap the plate on 1st ext, hold the plate with the 2nd ext.
  • Try to touch the floor behind you with your hands during each anchored stab situp. 
  • No rower? Run 200m,  1 min on the bike, or 25 ski squats M/H
  • I was going to go for a sore maker today, but I do have a heart. I think we've endured enough torture for this week.  Thanks for putting up with me! 
  • Looks like most peeps got just over 6 rounds on this one. Vets try for 7 rounds today!

Was having a blah day - then I saw this! (thanks Theresa)