3 rounds for time:  

800m run
10 pullups
10 clapping pushups

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No Daily Extras on Saturdays (mostly).

Workout Notes (by Linds):

  • For Rx, your feet must leave the ground in the up phase of clapping pushups.
  • You are on the clock today, once again, but this workout lasts less than 20 mins.  You can do it! The fastest finishers have got it done sub 14. 
  • You don't have many rounds to do the pullups and pushups today.  It's only 30 total movements each.  This means you can't waste them.  To get the most benefit, perform the movements with extra attention to form and intensity.  If you do them right, you won't need more.  Efficiency+Effectiveness=Greatest results for least amount of work.  We are Minimalists, after all.
  • The GPP Jumping Pullup 
  • How  to do a Kipping Pullup
  • Gain strength to do pullups  

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