100 KB swings 25/35
100 stab back ext


5 sets of 8-12 lat pull-downs (heavy)
5 sets of 8-12 BB biceps curls (heavy)
within 1 min of your last set of lat pulldowns complete a burnout set @ 70% of last weight lifted. 

Workout Notes:

  • You may do these in super-sets if you choose.
  • No access to lat pulldown? Try: band pulldowns or stab assisted pullups
  • Slow reps. 2-0-2-0
  • To clarify, that is only ONE burnout set. 
  • Need a full rounding of the spine on back exts. 
  • For those who did back shaping yesterday, do shoulder/chest shaping today as you regularly would. Skip the back stuff as it may hinder progress. 

Perfection (Ang)

Perfection (Ang)