OYC complete:

3 rounds of: 
33 BTB squats  (squats that begin and end in the bottom of the movement)
rest 30 sec. between rounds.


3 rounds per side of:
33 SLD 15/20
rest 30 sec. between rounds.


3 rounds per side of:
33 heel raises
rest 30 sec. between rounds.


3 rounds of
33 walking lunges (R+L=1)
Post total reps completed to comments

Caution:  This workout will make you VERY, VERY sore or injured unless you are specifically conditioned for it. Please consider scaling weight &/or reps if you are new to this workout.

Daily Extras - 

Cover 2 miles, or 20 mins of steady state cardio.

Workout Notes:

  1. I talked to Shmoop (she's doing our programming this week) about this one. She's right. Everything else is, pretty much, fried. So it HAS to be legs today. 
  3. HEED the WARNINGS. Be careful. See vid.
  4. If you are new (less than a couple of months) you are forbidden to do all of these reps. Please scale. 
  5. There should be a deliberate pause at the bottom of each BTB.
  6. SLDs can be scaled by shortening the movement. Hold the DB by one end. 
  7. Walking lunges are counted as 1+1=1 (as God intended).
  8. Take NO MORE than 30s rest.