4 rounds OTC (biceps)

10 uni stability biceps curls R 15/20
10 uni stability biceps curls L 15/20
10 stability cross body curls R 15/20
10 stability cross body curls L 15/20
45 sec rest

4 rounds OTC (shoulders)

10 uni stability OH press R 15/20
10 uni stability OH press R 15/20
10 stab front raise 15/20
45 sec rest

4 rounds OTC (triceps)

10 stab skull crushers R 15/20
10 stab skull crushers L 15/20
10 stab ball pushups

4 rounds OTC (abs)

20 weighted stability ball situps (FE) 15/20
10 plank tocks (R+L=1)
45 sec rest

Post Rx and notes to self to comments.

Workout Notes: 

  • It's been a long time since we did this one. 2013 by my records. I remember it was tough. Not "meginator" tough, but tough. 
  • I'd wear long pants if I were you. Those stability balls are famous for pulling leg hair/stubble. 
  • If you shave your legs for this, I will tease you. 
  • Watch the vids. Good stuff to know in them.
  • You'll note that Lou doesn't touch his shoulder much in the OH press. Thing is, sometimes you won't. Not that I'm OK with that. I'd rather you did touch your shoulder EVERY time. But keeping your balance trumps shoulder tapping today, since it's core day. 
  • Plank tocks are best if you keep walking your ball toward you with your feet. Walking backwards on your hands is harder/less beneficial. 
  • Might want to come a bit early. We have 20 stab balls. Have seen quite a few more than that in classes lately. If you normally come at 0630 or 0845 and can come at a different time it might work better. However, don't worry about that. We'll find a way to get you a workout. :)

I KNEW Lou would be the first to do this move!