5 rounds quickly:

20 sit & reach situps 6/8
20 V-twists 6/8
20 counts - stability planks
20 stability sideups R
20 stability sideups L
20 ea. uni hip-ups  R
20 ea. uni hip-ups L
400m run

Post Rx or portion finished to comments. 

Daily Extras - carry a 15/20 lb. DB with you on the run. 

Workout Notes: 

  • Why isn't this one for time? If you rush a balance move it usually shortens the ROM which can significantly decr. benefits. 
  • Sit & reach situps are meant to incr. hamstring flexibility. 
  • Don't v-twist with your arms. Use your shoulders/torso to move the ball.
  • Want more out of those planks? Use R leg only for 10 counts, then 10 counts L. 
  • Core focus this week.

The face of Corporate Wellness is changing. GPP & Venafi are leading the way! It's no longer about sitting at your desk and stretching your hands while doing calf raises or attending lectures. That stuff never worked. It was boring (therefore no compliance) and didn't really help companies (or employees) save real $.   

The NEW thing is out working out as a company! Doing it for REAL! GPP, baby. After all, you just CAN'T argue with sweat on the floor!