Complete couplets in any order. Complete all rounds of couplet before moving to the next. 

Four rounds:

15 BB biceps curls 45/65
:45 sec elliptical sprint 8/10  

Four rounds: 

15 front squats 45/65
:45 sec standing spinbike sprint

Four rounds: 

15 pushups
45 sec plate switches (4")

Four rounds:

15 v-ups
25 box jumps

Daily Extras - None today. Watch vid on supplement stacking instead.

Workout Notes:

  • An elliptical sprint = keep speed above 75
  • What does 8/10 on the elliptical mean? Females use level 8, Males 10. 
  • How to set elliptical level? Jump on and crank the platforms until display lights up -> push "quick start" lower left hand corner -> select number of desired level OR up/down arrow.
  • Don't sit down on the bike. Standing simulates a sprint. 
  • Keep the pushups strict.
  • I prefer the much safer OG box jumps. Maybe that's because I'm an OG.
  • I'll get some vids up on the elliptical stuff later this week.
  • No elliptical/bike? Cool do a commiserate amount of cardio (RIP, burpees, rope jumps etc.)

Changes to the Shaping Bias:

After putting on some muscle this winter, we need to harden it up. This will look nice come summer. 

Hardening requires more reps. To do this we'll use a "running the rack" technique. Steps are:

  1. Continue shaping 1 muscle group per day on top of GPP protocol. 
  2. Choose a movement for each body part that you can quickly change weights. Usually it's best to use DBs. 
  3. Run the rack UPHILL (from low wt. to high) for 5 stacked sets. This means you'll have to start pretty light. 
  4. Go DEEP into a burn for each of the 5 stacked sets. In general each stacked set should end between 10-20 reps.
  5. After the running the rack, rest 2-5 minutes to recover.
  6. Repeat 3X. 

Remember, we aren't just doing reps here. We need some heavy weights. We've been training since Oct. so we are ready. Muscle #gainz aren't just a product of working out, or burning muscles. They are a product of spending time under MAX tension. #dowork!

If you have questions, ask to comments or grab me at the gym. 

Do you see it coming?