For time:

200 KB swings 25/35
Interrupt KB swings every minute, on the minute to complete 8 situps.  

-Starting with "go," then every minute after you must complete situps.  
-Continue completing situps on the minute and performing kettlebell swings until you have accumulated 200 KB swings.   

Daily Extras - Vet's (those who went under 10 min last time, today we challenge you to 35/54. Also complete: 

800 m run
3 laps on the elliptical 8/10 (speed above 65)
5 min jogging on the spin bike.

Workout Notes:

  • Today's Workout brought to you by Spencer Whaley of GPP NWA
  • Remember, the first round starts with situps.
  • Go hard at first, try to get this bad boy done in as few rounds as possible. 
  • This workout is usually done with burpees, but I wanted to give your upper just a bit of a break. Also didn't want to get home to a brick through my window due to burpees after all those dang pushups... so...

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