:90 sec 1 arm ellipse R 3/5
:30 sec rest
:90 s  spinning curl-ups R 10/15
:30 sec rest
:90 sec uni triceps kick-backs R 15/20
:30 sec rest
:90 sec twist pulls R M/H
:30 sec rest
:90 sec burpee snatches 25/35 R
:30 sec rest

Repeat entire sequence with L

Since it's impossible to keep track of reps during a workout like this, post thoughts to comments. 

Daily Extras - Rinse/repeat. Realize this makes it a 40 min workout. You'll need to really hurry to get all the extras done before the start of the next class. If the next class is at capacity, we'll have to boot you. Haha, no ... but REALLY. 

Workout Notes: 

  • Lower body yesterday, so this today. 
  • Keep the speed of your elliptical between 65-75.
  • If you don't put your whole body into that ellipse, it'll be hard to keep the speed up. Note how much Shmoopy is using her hips and shoulders.
  • We suggest lighter weights for the spinning curl-ups (bis to OH). :90s is a LONG time. 
  • We posted a FRICKIN ROUGH weight for the kick-backs. You'll need to use some monkey motion. Strict them if you want to, but ... try to keep pounding out reps for the entire :90s.
  • Better Twist Pull
  • Those burpee snatches can be awkward if you don't burpee over the top. Note KB placement as Kitty does her burpee. Gents, as you do this please try not to put a dent in my KBs. 
  • Putting upper body together with lower tomorrow. It's going to be a long one. 
  • No elliptical ... do twist punches M/H. 
  • No bikes ... do curl-ups while running. Lemon style. 

Oh, Hai!