For time (with specific attention to terrific form):

50 situps 
400 m run
50 sideups R
50 sideups L
400 m run
50 superman back ext.
50 med ball v-twists 8/10 (R+L=1)
400 m run
50 tick tocks R 25/35
50 tick tocks L 25/35
400 m run
50 stability rev back ext
50 stab crunches (elevate feet & hips if you can)
400 m run
50 swipers 15/20 (R+L=1)

Post time to comments.

Daily Extras - Go through it again sans runs. Should roughly take you 15 more min.

Workout Notes:

  • Careful now. If you are doing the Extras you should realize this is a 1000 rep workout.  To put this in perspective, most of our REALLY onerous workouts are around 400-500 reps.  No, 1000 reps of abs can't be strictly compared to a burpees, KB and thrusters workout, but still ... don't take it lightly.  Only the most experienced should try.
  • It's the beginning of March. Running is back! It'll be here all spring and summer. 
  • On a related note: It's the beginning of March. ONLY 90 DAYS UNTIL SWIMSUIT SEASON!

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