Complete 4 rounds:

15 power cleans 65/95
100 tap down crunches
15 power squat cleans 65/95
100 tap down crunches

Post "done" to comments. 

Daily Extras - Complete 3 rounds of:

200 rope jumps
400m row
25 burpees

Workout Notes: 

  • Aiming to get your HR in the sky today. Work hard (if ready).
  • Keep in mind that the weights above are only suggestions. Many of you have obtained near mastery of the cleaning movement. 65/95 will not tax you enough to get max benefits from this workout. You'll need to go up in weight. Come a little early and experiment with it. The intention is to spike your HR enough during the cleans that you'll carry it (elevated HR) all the way through the crunches. Whatever weight you choose, use the same weight for both types of cleans. 
  • Hurry through the crunches. Really push yourself. Take fewer breaks than you think you need. While you are doing them you should be thinking to yourself, "I gotta get back to those cleans AFAP."
  • Also, LOVED the suggestions for workouts yesterday. Pumped to bring some of them out. Thanks!

I asked Brent to bring this in. For those of you who don't know Brent Hale, is a world renowned behavioral therapist. He's also a Peep (0715). He's made a few seats available to Peeps who are interested. Paperwork is at the front desk.