100 situps
300 double unders 


Complete 6 supersets.

5 chinups
12 DB bent rows AHAP  

Post highest strings of consecutive double unders & weights used with row to comments.

Workout Notes:

  • To get the most out of this pulling superset today, use different speeds for each set.   
  • The 5 set of chinups is supposed to be an explosive movement.  It is best if you do these at the highest speed that you can maintain good form with.  A little tiny bit of monkey motion in the legs and shoulders is acceptable, but keep it to a minimum.   
  • After you've completed the chinups walk/run immediately over to your bent row.  A 12 set of any movement is generally done at a very controlled speed.  Check yourself constantly for any monkey motion.  If you see any, slow down and form up.  You'll get more out of these if you take the bar up in a 2 count and down in a 4.   
  • Make sure you are completing the entire range of motion.  Sometimes when we do supersets, the burn is so great that we have a tenancy to rush the movement.  Again, slow down, and form up if you find you're cheating a bit.   

pic A

pic A

In general, you have to engage in 2 main angles of pull for developing a healthy and strong back.  

Pulling from a high anchor (as in a chinup) will develop mainly the muscles of the front of the arm, rear delt and lower torso (latissimus dorsi - pic A).  

pic B

pic B

Pulling through the middle of the range (as in Aussies, or bent rows) will further develop the arms and shoulders while adding the musculature of the inner scapulae (pic B).

Bret is one of my Jazz Dancers. She sent this to me tonight. So inspiring!

From Bret:

"So the [pic on the] left was about a week before boot camp [last July]. And the one on the right was my last day of a vacation (so a week of no workouts and eating like complete crap!). 

Interestingly, I really haven't changed my diet and I don't workout regularly outside of Jazz practice. This is just from doing GPP 2 days per week. YOU ARE THE GREATEST!"