6 rounds: 

55 sec running sprint on bike
5 sec transition
55 sec v-ups
5 sec transition
55 sec KB swing 25/35
5 sec transition
55 sec fr. weighted plate switch 10/15
5 sec transition
55 sec row
30 sec transition

Post thoughts on new workout to comments.

Workout Notes: 

  • Wait, didn't we just do this one last week? Hehe, yep! I like to circle back to new workouts within a week to gain a little more experience with them. Then I'll put it away for a couple of months. 
  • Put the saddle all the way down. Do your pedaling out of the saddle. Sprint!
  • Experiment with a heavier KB swing. It might take a step up (35/54) to really tax you.
  • You should be breathing heavy throughout this entire workout. 
  • Limit transition times. Those 5 secs come at you fast. Be looking ahead to the next station.
  • Don't bother strapping yourself into the row. Takes too long. 
  • Where are the Daily Extras? I don't post them if the workout goes for more than 40 min. 

A lot of times there are no hard/fast answers. I was watching a vid a few mins ago where a mom buys 8 bottles of water and tests them with her school age son to see which ones cause cancer. In the vid she makes this ridiculous blanket statement:

"...What we are going to be doing is testing the PH of all of these water bottles to see what we all are really drinking and if they are alkaline or acidic. As we know, acidity causes cancer..."

OMH! Since when did we all "KNOW" acidity causes cancer? Last I heard, cancer is an extremely complex condition. So far, we haven't nailed down its many causes. Neither have we figured out how to completely prevent it. And it seems to me that if preventing cancer was as easy for some of us as drinking alkaline water - we'd have all been on top of that YEARS AGO. 

Blanket statements like hers are rarely helpful. 

It's usually good to hear the other side of a story. I'm not convinced that this article is the last word on the subject, but it does a better job of showing the complexity of the issue than her stupid alkalinity experiment. 

 Don’t believe the hype – 10 persistent cancer myths debunked - Cancer Research UK

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