6 rounds for time:

20 KB swings 25/35
20 KB clusters 25/35
20 KB swings 25/35

Post time to comments.

Daily Extras - Add 1 min bike sprint to each round. 

Workout Notes:

  1. It'll be down and dirty. Enjoy! 
  2. Grip will become an issue. Find places in the movement to "rest." 
  3. Low back will take a beatin' if you aren't using good form. #neutralspine
  4. Those bike sprints need to be ROUGH. Go hard.

This is the time of year when you'll start to see a little more cardio in the workouts. We always do this toward the end of Feb. 

Time to pull some of that winter insulation off. Cardio goes a long way toward helping with this. But cardio alone won't do it. We are going to have to back off of some of those rich sugary foods. I'm challenging you to start with this beginning today.

Also, you'll start to see the "Daily Extras" being focused more on adding time to your HR. 

Things to be looking for this week:

  1. Elliptical machines should be arriving near the end of this week, or at the beginning of next. Have some fun things planned for that. 
  2. Let's do that new ab workout again. We always like to circle back to a new workout within a week to gain more experience with it.
  3. HELLth Week shirts are in! I'll organize a way to get those to you beginning Tuesday. They are cool. Pics coming soon!
  4. Core week! Our programming dictates that each week has a them. This rotates on a monthly basis. This week that rotation falls on CORE. 
  5. Thoughts on Core Week coming up.

Matt Wolfe on the lead, Joshua Segraves on the catch. Using their fitness in spectacular style!