Complete 3 rounds before moving on.

5 strict chin-ups
15 BB biceps curls  (strict) 45/65
400 m run

then, complete 3 rounds of: 

10 BB skull crushers 45/65
20 chair dips
400 m run

Daily Extras - 4 rounds of:

90 sec wall sits
30 sec rest

I heard a few of you had some legs left from yesterday's workout. Post consecutive wall sits to comments.

Workout Notes: 

  • We are pushing the season with this one a bit. If it is icy where you are please reconsider the runs. Swap for a timed cardio equivalent. 
  • It would usually take most of us roughly 2 min to run a 400. So, if it's icy row, RIP, burpee, rope jump, switch 2 mins. 
  • Also, this is a lot of running considering how much running we've done over the last 3 months (roughly ZERO). Unless you've been keeping up with your running - scale, baby, scale! 
  • See vid for more tips.

Love this pic so damn much!

A couple of years ago I realized something. We can make GPP even better. The fun thing about what we do is, we have NO LIMITS. Our training protocol is broad, general and inclusive of ALL exercise techniques, standards and protocols. Here you will participate in bodybuilding, weight lifting, power lifting, Yoga, calisthenics, plyometrics, isometrics, athletic training, sprint training and every other type of exercise. We are constrained only by efficiency and effectiveness. 

Bodybuilders have limits. They can't train for general health and fitness because it interferes with their goal of gaining muscle. They, in fact, will gain muscle to the detriment of their own health. Seriously, they do. It's why harmful drugs are such a rampant part of their "sport?". It's also why you don't see them doing high intensity training like we do. This is a shame, because we've learned high intensity training is one of the keys to optimal health. 

Crossfitters have limits. Those guys and gals are trying to "win" workouts. Their training is based on gaining performance - to NO END. In order to gain never ending performance, you have to sacrifice other safer and more healthy training techniques to achieve your goals. They can't use biceps curls, or triceps extensions or, generally, any other single joint activity to enhance their healthy appearance because doing so takes away from time they could be doing pullups and etc. This is a shame because single joint exercises (biceps, triceps, shoulders, abs) are generally safer and more effective ways of building a healthy aesthetic. 

Point is, having realized that GPP has virtually NO LIMITS, we can bring a lot more programming techniques and even more tools to you for achieving Optimal Health! And so it begins. 

We are actively building the world's first truly hybrid gym. A gym built for helping people with ALL the tools they need/want. This will include world-class programming, excellent facilities (right now they are only adequate) and the finest community on earth. 

The bikes are the second wave of many more waves to come. The elliptical machines are next. They should be here in two weeks, or so. These ellipticals are cool. I spec'd some with platforms. This will make it so we can get creative with these machines. Having the platforms will enable us to do arms only, single legged (forward & backward) and even drag some implements onto the ellipticals to create and even better workout. It's stuff that isn't going on the world - anywhere. 

In April the cable machines, smith machines and benches will arrive. These are cool. There will be ALMOST nothing we can't do on them. Yep, we are putting bench pressing back into workouts. SAFE bench pressing. Plus we'll high high cables to start doing pulldowns from. Up until now, if we wanted to do a high pulldown, we had to do pullups. Oh, we'll still do pullups, don't worry, but cable pulldowns are awesome. And we are going to use them in ways very few others would. You'll see. So, call your friends, and you moms and dads (the ones who were intimidated by our rack) and get them in here. We'll have cable subs for them - soon! 

 No, we don't NEED all this stuff. Over the years we've created amazingly healthy, fit and gorgeous (handsome too) bodies without it. You only need to look around for a minute before you see this WITH YOUR OWN EYES. But why be limited? Why not employ other tools to increase effectiveness and efficiency? Doing so will make the programming even more rich, effective and engaging!