2 rounds on trainer's count.

20 cross body curls L 15/20
20 single high sumos L 15/20
20 single triceps kickbacks L 15/20
20 cross body curls R 15/20
20 single high sumos R 15/20
20 single triceps kickbacks R 15/20
20 wipers

Post Rx (or reps missed) to comments.

Then ..., 3 rounds with great form (OYC - on your count):

20 sit & reach situps 6/8
20 V-twists 6/8 (R+L=1)
20 counts - stability planks
20 stability sideups R
20 stability sideups L
20 uni hip-ups R
20 uni hip-ups L

Post Rx or reps missed to comments.

Daily Extras - Add a round to each of the above - AFTER THE WORKOUT.

Workout Notes:

  1. It's a mashup of 2 different workouts. I took some volume off of each. What this means is you'll have to use more intensity (vets only) to get the most out of these. 
  2. How to increase intensity? First of all, form up. Really squeeze each rep. If that's not doing it, increase the weight you're using. 
  3. I know these ab workouts get boring, but they are good for you. You need them. These Thursday workouts are the reason we don't get chronic back issues at GPP. Yes, a few of you have had a sore back here and there, but not like the have at other places. Other places are wrecking folks. If they had an ab/core day, they'd have a lot less of this.

Have an office job? Stare at computers and phone screens all day? You NEED this stretch! You NEED it every day. 30 sec to a min of this 3x each day will help sort you out.