6 rounds with great form @ moderate speed:

20 stab twist crunch R
20 stab twist crunch L
20 twisting good morning (low weighted) R 15/20
20 twisting good morning (low weighted) L 15/20
20 tick tocks R
20 tick tocks L
20 rev. KB woodchoppers R 25/35
20 rev. KB woodchoppers L 25/35
20 side ups R
20 side ups L
10 kipping pullups

Post Rx + kipping reps completed to comments.

Daily Extras - Complete:

50 stab ball pikes

Workout Notes: 

  • The videos for the twist crunches and good mornings are showing an alternating movement. For the purposes of this workout do all 20 r to the same side before switching.
  • If you are off-site and don't have a stab ball, sub piri crunches for stab crunches.
  • HERE is a great explanation of the wood chopper movement (except it's a reverse).
  • If you haven't achieved a dull ache (burn) in the targeted muscles (obliques generally) by the 10th r of the movement - slow down/form up. OK, maybe not with the wood choppers.
  • Remember, tick tocks are only effective with full ROM. Sometimes we hurry these and waste the benefits. 
  • Careful now, it's a lot of reps for your obliques. It's also sneaky. You should know, folks have gotten a bit sore after this workout. Almost STUPID SORE. Scale for intensity (weights) and volume (rounds/reps) if you are unsure. 
  • You are going to run long for time if you don't put a hurry on between exercises. NOT during! Just move quickly between exercises. 
  • How to Do A Kipping Pullup

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