Complete 5 rounds of couplet before moving to the next.

10 goblet squats - OTC 15/20
:45 sec step back lunges
:30 sec rest

10 DB bent row - OTC 15/20 ea.
:45 sec DB biceps curls (strict) 15/20 ea.
:30 sec rest

10 pushups (strict) - OTC
:45 sec OH DB triceps ext 15/20 (from knees)
:30 sec rest

10 v-ups - OTC
:45 sec tap down crunches
:30 sec rest

Post "done" to comments.

Daily Extras - Use bigger weights. Post weights used to comments.

Workout Notes:

  • This one is going to sting a little.
  • Your legs might feel a little hashed after Monday. If this is you, lighten your loads and form up.
  • Try to stay moving for the entire :45 sec.
  • Works best (read: hurts more) if you are exact with your :30 sec rest. 40 sec makes this an entirely different (read: easier) workout.
  • I LOLd when I wrote the daily extras. You'll see why.
  • Breezing the step back lunges couplet? Use weights.
  • Brandy sees it coming. Do you? Post thoughts to comments.

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