Every 1/2 minute for 20 minutes, alternate between the following exercises.

5 burpees
5 thrusters 45/65

Post Rx, or reps missed to comments. 

Daily Extras - 

Continue on for 7 extra minutes.

Workout Notes:

  • Never let pride overrule your common sense. 
  • The GPP Soreness Scale 
  • We've been going hard at your core this week. It may be a bit tired. If it is, go lighter on those thrusters. Thrusters hate your low back. They will make you pay for form faults and slop. Keep your elbows up and in. First move is back through your heels. Squat to parallel or below only if you know you have good form and a slight inward curve (neutral spine) to your low back. 
  • If thrusters hurt your wrists, you are doing it wrong. Please have a trainer show you the correct way to rack your bar. Or try the alt below.
  • Don't push your bar to OH. Thrust it. Taking the bar OH is a hip move, not an arm push. Use the upward momentum of your squat to take the bar OH to arms fully extended.
  • This workout works better sans shoes.  
  • I have no real burpee advice. Burpees are burpees. Crush them!

My Week In Review

If you count the Lake Blanche hike on Sunday, I got all 5 this week. Had to really buckle down to get them though. Cool to do that hike after 18 inches of snowfall the day before! By cool I mean, not really. Actually it was beautiful. Just rough. You need to come with me on these.

Have to buckle down in general. Haven't been as good with my diet as I intended to. Cleaned it up this week a bit, but I have have way to go. Liked reviewing diet tips and secrets last Monday with the Challengers Group. 

Loved what Erik had to say. For one of his tips, he reminded all of us that leptin levels raise around the 20 min mark of a meal. After about 20 min of eating a meal, your body releases a satiety hormone (leptin) that helps to signal when it's time to stop eating. According to Erik, if you use your off-hand (L hand in his case) it takes longer to consume a meal. Which makes him feel fuller faster. Thought it was a cool idea. 

I've heard of people chewing their food 50 times with every bite in order to affect the same benefits. Tried it once. Didn't really work for me to liquefy my food before swallowing, but whatever works - ya know?

Do you have any tips like this? Please share to comments.

Coming up on Lake Blanche. ROUGH! Needed my snowshoes. Saw a couple of moose fighting. Never saw that before.