Daily Extras - Add 15 reps per exercise!

Workout Notes: 

  • Srsly, this is all we had left. Legs are hashed. Pushers are hashed. Just about everything is roughed up. So, LETS DO BURPEES! 
  • It's a HELLth week workout. That's less than a month away. Consider this your warm-up!
  • Had to do a mashup version of "burpee surprise" and "II."   
  • Please note we are asking for a High Sumo with a KB today instead of a bar. Also note the weight of the KB.
  • This is the easiest of our burpee workouts.  Somehow putting another movement inside of a burpee makes it way easier. Stringing them together back to back is what makes them hard.  The first 25 are rough. After that - it's smooth sailing.
  •  Vets, if you want more out of this, leave the burpees for the end. They are harder at the end. Even though the rest of this is pretty easy.
  • Keep neutral spine on those PCs. Re-set deliberately after each burpee. 
  • Here are a couple of thoughts on burpees:

Better burpee box jumps (easier this way)
Burpee revisited
Burpee: King of All Exercises
100 bupees sub 5 min

Congrats Ashley! Such strong work!

I was talking to someone today who was asking about our methods. As I was telling him, he started tuning out. I could tell he was not very interested. He told me he was a trainer back in the day and that the only thing he endorses is BB and high protein.

He said, not realizing he was being insulting, "that high intensity stuff is quite a fad, isn't it?"

I flipped to Ashley's Instagram and showed him this pic (below) that she posted today and said, "I dunno, you tell me."

I didn't have the heart to tell him Ash (and many others) could probably grind him into a pulp with any given workout. GPPeeps got game yo!