Run the Rack 2x for each of the following: (rest 1 min between sets)

10 front squats
10 DB biceps curls (strict)
10 OH DB shoulder press (strict)
10 OH triceps ext.

Post highest weight of each run to comments.

Workout Notes:

  • OK, this was a sketchy workout to pull on you. Well, SOME of you. Some of you will breeze this. However, if your legs are WRECKED from the last 2 days, like mine, I'm suggesting you skip the leg portion of this workout. IF you are doing fine - dude, CHARGE IT!
  • Running the Rack: How to
  • How to know if you have maxed out a set? If you can't get 10 good reps - you are done. If you are taking a long time between sets - you are done. If your form is breaking down to the point where your exercise is not effective, nor efficient - you are done. If your form breaks down the point where you may become injured - you are done. 
  • It is extremely important to keep transition times between your sets of 10 to a bare minimum today.  Doing so will help you attain and maintain "maximum pump," which is particularly important for gaining max benefits from this specific workout.
  • This workout closely mimics a bodybuilding workout.  The great Larry Scott (the world's first Mr Olympia - he won it 2x) taught me, "The key to bodybuilding is attaining a good pump."  I had the distinct privilege of working (and working out) with this living legend during a pivotal time in my career.  He exemplified the concept of "Optimal Health."  Here is a pic of him in his mid 60s.  He is a very gracious and generous man.  He would be thrilled to know I am passing along some of his tips on to you.       
  • We are simply not limited to any ONE concept, or methodology.  We find usefulness in many proven concepts and methods.  We've made it a point to become educated and experienced in many other ways, so that we may bring a more efficient and effective program to you.  

About this time every year I get this question (link below). I would only add one thing to this article. It's the "Above or Below the Neck" bit. 

The "Above or Below the Neck" bit is a parameter based on where you illness lies. It is generally thought that if your illness' symptoms are based above the neck (sniffles, sneezing, mild headache), then you should be OK to workout. However, if your illness' symptoms are mainly rooted in areas below the neck (lungs, stomach, etc.) you should sit it out. 

Please understand that these suggestions are generalities. They are not to be confused with ACTUAL medical advice. Your MD's advice supersedes this musing.

Here are some other thoughts about working out while sick:

Should I Workout When Sick?  (Musings by Neil Anderson)

Mike demos how to get your DL on after the gym runs out of 25s! Strong work (as always) Mike!