Happy Thanksgiving Day! AKA national "free day!" Eat up friend. Days like this are why we workout. 

If you'd like, we are doing a workout at GPP tomorrow. We call it the Turkey Burn! AKA pre-pie-burn! If you plan plowing some grub today, this workout is designed to undo some damage. It is also murder repellent. Thoughts on the Turkey Burn workout...

  1. It's an hour and a half of the worst I can throw at you. 
  2. Rookies, come and let us modify this for you. Just DON'T over-do it. Very few of even the saltiest of vets can handle the entirety of this workout.
  3. It gets harder as time goes on.
  4. We'll start with some leg stuff. Some of you might remember "Rough Boy Squats" from years passed. For those who don't remember, it's cause you haven't done them before. Rough Boys have a way of making you remember.
  5. Then we'll do some "Hit the Deck." We'll do this regular style.
  6. Then we'll do some "STAB Medley." The whole thing! Get there early, or bring your own weight (15/20 - just one). We sometimes run out of DBs on Thanksgiving. If you have more, bring one for a friend.
  7.  Then we'll do "Hit the Deck" again. This time Pinochle style. 

Hope to see you there! If not, have a wonderful day! See you tomorrow!