:90 sec 1 leg elliptical R 6/8
:30 sec rest
:90 sec 1 leg pedaling R (circles)
:30 sec rest
:90 sec 1 leg rowing R
:30 sec rest
:90 sec high knee step-ups R (15" box)
:30 sec rest
:90 sec 1 leg rope jumps R
:30 sec rest

Repeat entire sequence with L

To be completed after the "Mida":

5 sets of 10 pullups - rest 90 sec between each set. 

Post distance you elliptical & row per leg. Post # of step-ups and rope jumps per leg. Post strings of pullups to comments. 

Workout Notes: 

  • You'll get from this workout, exactly what you put into it. 
  • :30 sec is a LONG rest. Make use of it by getting set up for the next mvmt.
  • I wouldn't worry too much about adjusting the bike seat. Just leave it all the way down. Yes, it'll be harder on your legs, but that's, kind of, the point!
  • Keep speed of elliptical between 65-75.
  • If no elliptical ... do single leg walking lunges for equal time. It looks like THIS sans biceps curl.
  • If no bike ... do SLS2S raw.
  • If no rowers ... Dammit, get a rower! In the mean time do glute step ups
  • If no ropes ... hop on one leg. I know you are laughing, but I promise, it'll help someone.

Plan on pre-burning some pie!