3 rounds for time:

500m row
25 KB swings 25/35
2 min plate switches (4" plate)
25 KB swings 25/35
300 rope jumps
25 KB swings 25/35 

Post time to comments.

Daily Extras - 

  • Use heavier KB 35/54
  • At the end of the workout add:
    • 500 m row
    • 2 min plate switches
    • 300 rope jumps

Workout Notes: 

  • That KB doesn't need to swing much higher than your belly button.
  • Use your hips to thrust the KB. 
  • Don't squat your KB. Yes, some disciplines require a squat with the KB swing. When we want a squat, we'll program one. Squatting your KB may mean you'll overload your body at some later point in the week. 

End of the Year Challenge - Meeting tonight @ 7pm.

Going to talk about training techniques which will make your weight lifting more efficient and effective. This meeting is open to all members of GPP, Even if you aren't doing the Challenge.

Challengers, how are you doing? I'm down the 6 lbs I gained in October from going off my "No Sweets" thing. 

Saturday after the morning workouts I went shopping for a new pair of jeans. I usually buy a 34 inch waist. I like them a little loose so I go a bit bigger in the waist. Thing is, the 34s drowned me! I could literally pull them off without unbuttoning them. So, I went down to 32s. Still too big, but bought them anyway. Haven't bought 30" waist since high school. Too chicken to do it.

Point is, I'm making some good progress. Have been perfect with my diet. Workouts are going great. I did the 20/20/20 4x last week and did an extra shaping. However, I did miss Wednesday's workout due to travelling. I know it's no excuse, but seriously, I was up and going at 06:30 EST (that's 04:30 our time) and went til 11 PM that night. I'll plan better next time.

I feel like I'm adding muscle with the shaping workouts. I've found that going to the burn (a technique I'll talk about tonight) is the key for me. There are better ways of going to the burn, including half reps and pauses (tonight) that seem to help. In any case, I'm seeing a difference. 

Interested in reading your essay this week. Please let me know what is working for you and what is not. Can't wait to read it.

While in Boston last week, folks kept asking me, "Can everyone really do your workouts?"

They were surprised to learn that people of all abilities could do the same workouts in the SAME classes, with some slight alts/subs. Actually, "surprised" isn't the word, they were actually shocked. Most were very polite, but I could tell most didn't really believe. 

I wish they could see this pic. Here, Tara is doing those lunges with EXTRA weight while those in the back ground are storming the same workout! The thing to know is, 2 of them had back surgery recently, one had knee surgery recently and yet another has 2 artificial knees! Well done Ladies! (MJ, Jayne, Ann) 

Well programmed workouts will accommodate all levels of ability and understanding without sacrificing results!