For time:

3 laps elliptical
5 min stationary bike
50 squats
50 clean curls 45/65
50 v-twists 15/20 (R+L=1)
50 triceps cable pushdown 5/8
50 tic-tocks R 25/35
50 tic-tocks L 25/35
50 KB swings 35/55
5 min jump rope

Post time to comments.
You may do these in any order using any partitioning method.

It's been a good week all! ROUGH WEEK! If you're not sore this week, you are not human! Then again, is ANYONE who does this? 

I've got some cool stuff in store for next week. You don't want to miss Monday. If you do, you'll wear Friday's workout longer than you'd like. :)

Whoever drew this...Awesome!