Complete 4 straight sets of each of the following in any order. Take no more than 90 sec rest per set.

8 BB biceps curls heavy
8 triceps OH ext. heavy
8 db alt. biceps curls (strict) heavy
8 triceps cable pushdowns heavy
10 burpee box jumps
20 squats

Post weights used per set to comments. 

Daily Extras - 

20 min steady state cardio

Workout Notes:

  1. You can make this workout into antagonist supersets.
  2. You can stack the leg stuff.
  3. Monkey motion somewhat OK for all but alt curls.
  4. If you MM up, you must strict down. Get that negative. 


Do your kids play Minecraft? Mine do. A LOT! It's a cool game where you create and build your own universe (houses, property, town, etc.) out of materials you find, mine and farm. It's so cool. My kids and the neighbor kids play this until their thumbs wear out. So what?

Well, Thursday eve I did some consulting for a group at the U of U who are using virtual reality to mimic the Minecraft experience. The thing about Minecraft is, it's super fun but it only uses your thumbs. With the new virtual reality stuff that is coming out, you can simulate REAL mining and farming and building. It's so addictive to actually use your body to play a game. The game I got to play in the virtual reality world got me so sweaty I fogged up the VR visor. Haha it's fun.  

My job was just to consult on the best ways to use the body to increase fitness, prevent injuries and use exercises to mimic real life situations! Haha. Imagine that, just 30 years ago the exercise world was trying to build machines that would mimic how the human body works in real life. Now, the VR world is trying to figure out how to turn common exercises we do on those machines back into simulated (real?) movements. DAMN. Talk about your 180s. 

Guess who is one of the producers of this new game? It's our own Jaxon Whittaker (pictured in the VR mask)! Yep, the same guy who used to greet you at the front desk of the gym is now designing video games at the highest level up at the U! Did you know the U of U has the top VR and video gaming program in the country? So cool. We wish him and his crew the best of luck and can't wait to see this new game.