Daily Extras - Add 15 reps per exercise!

Workout Notes: 

  • It's HELLth week. Try doing the "extras." (rookies ignore)
  • Had to do a mashup version of "burpee surprise" and "II." We did a lot of pushing yesterday. It'll be good to give your chest and triceps a break. We don't need to step all the way away from the pushers though. Notice we are still popping for some shoulders. 
  • Please note we are asking for a High Sumo with a KB today instead of a bar. Also note the weight of the KB.
  • This is the easiest of our burpee workouts.  Somehow putting another movement inside of a burpee makes it way easier. Stringing them together back to back is what makes them hard.  The first 25 are rough. After that - it's smooth sailing.
  •  Vets, if you want more out of this, leave the burpees for the end. They are harder at the end. Even though the rest of this is pretty easy.
  • Keep neutral spine on those PCs. Re-set deliberately after each burpee. 
  • Here are a couple of thoughts on burpees:

Better burpee box jumps (easier this way)
Burpee revisited
Burpee: King of All Exercises
100 bupees sub 5 min

How are you doing this week? Rookies, your impressions? Those of you who have been through this before, what are your impressions? Easy stuff? 

My Impressions: It's nice not to be as "dog awful" sore as in years past. I liked especially the "lemonade" portion of yesterday's workout. In terms of full disclosure, I didn't do the Monday workout - yet. I plan to get after it on Saturday. I will do it. I will ... 

Troy's "AHAP" was cuter than yours yesterday.