10 rounds for time:

10 KB side step swings 25/35 (R+L=1)
10 KB juggles 25/35
10 KB reverse woodchoppers (R) 25/35
10 KB reverse woodchoppers (L) 25/35
10 KB pushups 25/35
10 KB halos 25/35 (R+L=1)

Post time to comments.

Daily Extras - Sub every "10" in this workout for a "15" if your lower back permits it. 

Workout Notes: 

  • Your challenge today will be just keeping a hold of that KB.  Your grip is going to be SHOT.  Our suggestion: FORM UP!
  • Use your hips to drive the bell up, not your arms, back and shoulders.  Doing so will keep hand fatigue to a minimum.
  • There is no need to death grip that KB.  Relax, man.  It's not going anywhere.  Find little places to rest during the movements.  The top of each movement will give you a small opportunity to relax and pump your hands - ONCE.  Take each opportunity you get.  
  • You may re-arrange exercises as you like. When I do it, I'm going to do the pushups after the side step swings. Then, I'm going to do halos after the choppers. It'll give my grip some rest.  
  • Put a LOT Of hips into those halos. This is a WHOLE body exercise. Not just arms. 
  • Bring a pencil.

Here is what I believe... 

I believe every human on earth has a job to do.  A calling, if you will.  This calling will be no small thing.  It may be small compared to what you've always hoped it would be, but this calling isn't small.  It'll be way bigger, way harder and way more ROUGH than you ever expected it to be.  Chances are, if you aren't fully prepared, you'll fail to fulfill it. 

Mark P. using his fitness!