With a continuously running clock, repeat 40x: 

10 sec floor to OH bar hold AHAP
10 sec rest

Post weight used to comments.  

Daily Extras - Go heavier. Seriously, you shouldn't have any energy left if you do this right. 

Workout Notes:

  • Program a clock to continuously repeat 40 rounds of: 10 sec work + 10 sec rest.  During the work phase, take a bar from floor to OH & hold for the remainder of 10 sec.  At the 10 sec bell, lower to the ground WITHOUT A DROP and rest for the remainder of 10 sec.  Repeat 40x.   
  • Many of you guessed wrong on your weights last time we did this. Go heavier if it was too easy for you. 
  • You might want to weight the bar in small increments. Bumpers seem to go on and off during this workout. Usually I hate weights in the middle of the floor, but since there won't be a lot of moving around today, it should be alright. Even so, please watch out for stacks of weights on the floor. 
  • The inspiration for the NO DROP instructions is due to the fact that our cheer guys cannot drop the flyers. They have to catch the girls on the way down. There is MUCH fitness in this, but you have to be careful.  Wrestling the bar back to the ground takes more energy, precision and concentration. If your concentration lapses for even a second, you are exposing yourself to potential injury.  If you feel you are too tired to put it back to the ground softly, just bail.
  • When you are moving weight overhead NEVER use a false grip (read THIS or see pic below). Especially if you plan on getting tired and sweaty! 

Nope. Thumbs around please.