500 rope jumps

Complete 4 rounds of the quad set before moving on.

10 uni bent rows R 15/20
20 uni DB biceps curls R 15/20
10 uni bent rows L 15/20
20 uni DB biceps curls L 15/20
Rest 30 sec

Complete 4 rounds of the quad set before moving on.

10 pushups (strict) 
20 shoulder crushers R 15/20
10 pushups (strict) 
20 shoulder crushers L 15/20
Rest 30 sec

Post Rx, or reps missed to comments.

Daily Extras - 

20-19-18-17-16-15 reps per round for time:

KB high Sumo 35/54
Box Jumps

Post time to comments

Workout Notes:

  • You are sore this week. Super sore, especially in your legs. So I dropped the leg stuff that usually accompanies this workout. Made up for it by adding another set to each. If you are Jones'n for more, do the extras!  
  • OYC - On YOUR Count. 
  • Go slow. Control the weight."
  • Use strict shaping bias form (2-0-2-0)
  • Be precise with your rests. 30 sec only please. 
  • The point of this workout is to continually build lactic acid in the muscle cells over multiple sets. If you rest too long, lactic acid clears and you don't get as good of a pump. Those who are best at shaping muscles on the human body (professional body builders) will tell you the "pump" is critical to muscle shaping success. No, we are not body building (compare our measly 4 sets of relatively high reps to their 30 sets of 6-12 reps.). While we don't embrace the body builder's methods, we surely can use their techniques to achieve our own.
  • For those doing the shaping bias: add a set to this workout for a total of 5 sets, but use much lighter weights (10/15) than suggested for the arms. I know yesterday and today are arms days for most of us. If we lighten up this workout it changes it from shaping to conditioning bias and it won't interfere with your progress.

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