Using a Tabata clock, pick a couplet below and start storming. Complete as many reps as possible for Exercise #1 during the first 20 sec. When you hear the bell, transition immediately (NO REST) to the second exercise (#2) and perform as many reps as possible for 10 seconds. Continue moving back and forth between exercises (without rest) until you've completed 8 rounds of each.

Upon completing 8 rounds of each, rest for 1 min. Then flip-flop the exercises so that you are now doing 20 sec of exercise #2 and 10 sec of exercise #1 of the SAME couplet.

After you've completed each couplet TWO TIMES THROUGH after flip-flopping the order of exercises ONCE, you may put that couplet to bed and storm the next one. Rest only 1 minute between couplets.

first couplet:
ex #1 - KB swings 25/35
ex #2 - KB light deads 25/35

second couplet:
ex #1 - plank jacks
ex #2 - squats

third couplet:  
ex #1 - jumping pullups
ex #2 - pushups

Post Rx or rounds completed to comments.

Daily Extras - Add this couplet:

tic-tocks R 25/35
tic-tocks L 25/35

Workout Notes: 

  • Remember, you have to do each couplet ONLY twice. Do it first with ex #1 in the :20 sec spot, then do it again with ex #2 in the 20 sec spot. 

  • Try to minimize transition times. You'll need to keep equipment VERY close. If you let 5 seconds go by during the transition you'll waste a very high percentage of the benefits of this workout.

  •  Don't stop. Ever! Just keep grinding until your 4+ mins are up! 

"50 Things Every Man Should Do Before They Die" - Sound off if you've done any of these. Is there anything they missed? Also, is there a women's version? 

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