AMRAP in 25 min on 2 four inch plates:

20 HK step-ups R
20 HK step-ups L
20 SL step-ups R
20 SL step-ups L
20 glute step-ups R
20 glute stup-ups L
20 uni band press R (H/M)
20 uni band press L (H/M)
20 LU band pull R (H/M)
20 LU band pull L (H/M)

Post number of rounds completed to comments. 

Daily Extras - 

  1. Perform step-ups on 15" riser. 
  2. Complete 20 box jumps to your riser between the presses and pulls. 
  3. Continue for an additional 10 min. (35 min AMRAP)

Workout Notes:

  • A longer step back during the high knee step-ups will increase load on the glutes. Try it. 
  • Knee should raise above your waist each time. 
  • Keep your heel flat on the riser during SLSU. Lean forward a bit. Raise your leg sideways to the limit of your flexibility. 
  • Keep hips square during glute step ups. Shoulders too. Lean forward to incr load on both glutes. 
  • Keep the shoulders and hips square while pressing the band. Don't be limited by the weights suggested above. IF you can, go heavier. It's too heavy if you are using momentum (punching), or turning the shoulders/hips. 
  • Again, keep shoulders and hips square while pulling the band. No twisting. Elbow brushes your side with each rep. Squeeze through your shoulder blades. 

I have a love/hate relationship with this workout. 

I love how it feels. I love doing it. I love how creative it is (Kate made it) and love how well it flows. I also love the benefits. This kind of thing looks good on! 

But, I HATE how I think I look doing it.

When I was in HS, coach had our football team do floor aerobics videos every morning throughout the summer. He said it would help us work together as a team. He said it was great for our coordination and timing. He said we had a choice, we could look goofy doing floor aerobics, or we could look goofier doing ballet. Apparently there was a ballet instructor in my small town who'd approached him about helping us with our footwork. 

Gilad, it was!

To this day I hate the thought of  how clumsy and awkward we all were (read: especially me). I vowed I'd NEVER do it again. I have held true to this vow for more than 25 years. Yet, HERE I am - kind of ...

In my defense, this workout isn't really aerobics. I mean, you don't really even change directions until the set is over. Even then, it's pretty simple stuff. I'm not sure it really qualifies as "aerobics" either. I mean, it doesn't, right? It just, kind of, LOOKS like aerobics, but it's really (mostly) not. Or something ... 

I think it wold help me to know my 25+ y/o record was still intact. I feel like, if I could be confident of this, I could enjoy this workout more and not harbor any HATE towards it. Maybe all I really need is a coping mechanism. Maybe I could use the same one we all used in HS.

Back then, to feel more manly (or something) while doing "Bodies in Motion with Gilad," we'd all randomly issue encouragement to each other in the form of a swift "good game." That's the technical term for smacking someone on the backside in a very manly way while barking "good game!"

Calm down, we didn't linger afterwards. That would be weird.

I dunno. Seems like we've had enough false rumors floating around out there about us that this might not be such a good idea. Even so, I think it will help, so I'm offering: Gents, if you feel a little funny about doing this one just give me a manly nod while your storming it (no winking). I've got your "good game" covered. And If I give you a nod, while I'm doing it ... I'ma need one back.

This is a warning: I'll be working out around 9:30 am tomorrow. If there are no guys in the room, one of you ladies might need to step up. Don't make it weird, man.   

This wins the internet!