100 situps
300 double unders 


Complete 6 supersets.

5 chinups
12 DB bent rows AHAP  
rest 2-5 min as needed

Post highest strings of consecutive double unders & weights used with row to comments.

Daily Extras - 5 min of burpees for PR. Post # of burpees to comments. 

Workout Notes:

  • Rest as much as is needed between sets. You should be fully recharged when beginning a new superset.  
  • Consider saving some of the situps for after the workout today.  Sometimes bent rows can do a number on the muscles of your low back.  We've found that (for some people) situps directly after a low back stressing workout can help to decompress your spine.  
  • Now for some of you, putting your back into flexion (as with situps) is aggravating in and of itself.  In that case, consider some extensions.  Several sets (3-5 generally) of 15-20 superman back extensions could do the trick.  
  • Understand - there is nothing inherently wrong with bent rows (or most other exercises, for that matter).  It is just that some of us are particularly affected negatively by certain movements.  When this happens, it is good to do some countering moves.  Learn which movements are best for you.  GPP trainers are always glad to help here.  Remember, if you have pain while performing a particular exercise, avoiding the move may not be necessary.  Sometimes the moves we shy away from the most are the very ones that would heal us.  That being said, there is no point in kicking a dead horse either.  

I Did Back Shaping Yesterday ... Should I Do This Today?

No. You are covered. Plus, it'd be too much. Just do you your shaping bias pushing workout on top of the warm-up as above. Also the daily extras. 

Yep, I love that you GET it!