4 rounds with purpose:

4 BW dead lifts
4 BW back squats
4 BW power cleans
4 1/2 BW strict BB press

Post weights used to comments.

Daily Extras - You shouldn't have enough gas in the tank for extras after this workout. 

Workout Notes:

  • My favorite all-time heavy workout!
  • Have only posted this a couple of times in the last 6 yrs.
  • "With purpose" = not on the clock, but stay busy.
  • To stay safe we recommend doing 2-4 sets of lighter work before going BW.
  • Warm-up by practicing skills and drills for each mvmt.
  • Then GO NUTS! (rookies ignore)
  • Rookies should spend do much lighter weights while learning to master mvmts. 
  • "Wait, I thought we did Push/Pull/Squat/Core on Mondays!" Yep, but we are scheduled for some heavy pulls tomorrow. Didn't want to double up on your shoulder joints like that. PROGRAMMING! 

One of my ALL-TIME favs. Have only posted this workout 2x in the last 6 yrs. Learn why ...

Posted by Neil Anderson on Friday, April 3, 2015

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For when you can't seem to get over a plateau. (Those are 2" washers from Home Depot)