Complete 3 rounds of: 

200m sprint
25 tick tocks R 35/54
25 tick tocks L 35/54
25 donkey kicks
25 swipers 15/20 (R+L=1)
200m sprint
25 stability rev back extensions
25 inchworm w/ tuck jump
25 V-up ball transfers

Post perceived exertion level to comments.  Re-comment 24 hours later.

Daily Extras -

Cover 1.5 miles. Walk it, hike it, jog it, run it, row it, jump it (1500 rope jumps). Whatever. Just cover it - AFAP!

Workout Notes:

  • We've done a TON of running this week. If your feet are beat, row. 
  • Alt for rowing (if you haven't got a rower). 
  • Note the weight of the tic tocks. They are more heavy than you are used to. I've seen pics of folks doing this with toddlers. 
  • Make sure you roll over to the hips on each rep of swipers.
  • Wait! Didn't those used to be called "wipers?" Ooo. Good catch. We did, at one time, call these "wipers." There are still places on our site and social media channels where you will see this. Upon examining the word "wipers" we quickly became dissatisfied with move altogether. "Wipers," being such a wimpy word, calls immediately into question the efficiency and effectiveness of the exercise. We knew we had to change it. Changing the name ALWAYS changes the quality of a thing. Am I right South Davis Training and Fitness (formerly Skills?). Am I right Vasa Fitness (formerly Gold's Gym)? By simply adding the "S" at the beginning of this wimpy word, we think you'll agree, this movement has become 100% more effective and efficient.

The Surgeon General Vivek Murthy missed again.

READ the article.

They've had years to get it right, the US government has. For some reason they can't. It's frustrating. 

I started paying attention to their bassackwards advice on health and fitness back in the early 90's. Each time a new health and fitness report is issued, I get a little giddy. Nervousness sets in hoping that THIS will be the year that we get comprehensive recommendations for improving the health of the nation. Yes, even fulfilling JFK's vision of restoring "vigor" to our youth. But nope. Each new report seems to be worse than the last. In fact, it's been one let down to the next. 

With the state of America's health falling EVEN FURTHER backwards (30+% obesity, 60% overweight, HALF of Americans suffering from chronic health probs, year after year record highs for prescription drugs profits, etc.), the surgeon general issues advice that subtracts, yes, takes away from previous advice. 

We are back to WALKING folks. 

During the Reagan & Bush  administrations, C. Everett Koop (USA's 13th Surgeon General) made history, by telling Americans that exercise was good for you. 

Seems stupid, I know, but you have to realize before the 1980's exercise was just something that fanatics did. You had to be a real freak to even consider exercising. Hell, less than 50 yrs prior to this, doctors were giving the advice that folks should NEVER exercise. Exercise was thought to be bad for you. Like, you'd wear out your heart. Your muscles would grow over your joints making one MUSCLE BOUND. So, to have the Surgeon General recommend exercise, was nothing short of ground shaking. His recommendation? Walking. 

Yep, incomplete, completely inadequate WALKING. Not saying walking isn't good for you. It is, of course. But it's only PART of a comprehensive health and fitness plan. It CERTAINLY isn't enough, even hours of it, to impact the health of Americans in a comprehensive way. BTW, if you'd like to see GPP's recommendations, please login and follow along daily. We are pretty specific about how to do it. Please pass the link of our site onto EVERY government official you can know, can think of, can find. 

In the years since the ground shaking advice to exercise, Surgeons General have changed a few things here and there. The recommendation went from "walking 3x/wk" to doing "cardiovascular exercise." That was big. Even bigger was when they started to put a time recommendation up (150 minutes per weak - yes, I spelled it wrong on purpose.). It was only 10 years ago that the US government even considered that strength training to be important. Indeed the first advice they gave for participating in strength training was similarly weak. Along the lines of - "Do some." Later they gave a time recommendation. 


 NEVER a specific exercise has EVER been recommended. NEVER a specific amount of reps/rounds or weight recommendation. Just, participate in some strength training. They've spent millions (I used to know the exact amount before I got frustrated and quit following it) and the best our well-funded governmental health officials could come up with was (read the following in the dumbest redneck accent you can imagine) - "Ya'll should workout." 

And now we've come full circle. Walking. We are back to walking again. The report acknowledges that Americans have gotten heavier, weaker and less healthy. AND the best they can come up with to help us out of the hole is advice that failed us 20+ years ago? 

TJ using her fitness!