In a 30 minute time limit, complete as much of this workout as possible. 

1 GPP bar complex 45/65
400 m run
2 GPP bar complexes 45/65
400 m run
3 GPP bar complexes 45/65
400 m run
4 GPP bar complexes 45/65
400 m run
5 GPP bar complexes 45/65
400 m run

Post "Rx," or portion of workout completed to comments. 

Daily Extras - Add 10 min to your time limit and continue up the hill!

Workout Notes: 

  • Remember how I said, "This week will be more aimed at your HR ... less soreness ...?" This workout might undo that "less soreness" thing I was speaking of. If you are worried about being sore from this (rookies, be worried) drop reps to 3 per movement in the complex. Probably better drop weight to 25/45 just to be safe. 
  • Vets ignore the bullet point above.

1 GPP bar complex is:

5 deadlifts
5 power cleans
5 thrusters
5 back squats
5 shoulders to OH (press, PP, PJ - your choice)

Once the bar leaves the ground from the first deadlift, it cannot REST on the ground again until you have completed the "complex."  Otherwise you must begin again. 

The funniest shirt to wear at a gym! Thanks Sam!