For time:

1000 rope jumps
1000 m row
200 KB swings 25/35
200 press jacks 15/20 ea.
100 conditioning curls 15/20 (R+L=1)
100 situps

This will be a LONG one.  Clock will start exactly on schedule.
You may NOT partition.
Post time to comments.

Daily Extras - Do the squats (100). 

Workout Notes:

  1. High rep workouts are still meant to be done with terrific form. 
  2. The conditioning curls are counted 1+1=1. Like God intended.
  3. Remember, arms should get all the way straight, and then all the way bent. Let the hips do the rest. It's OK to put a bunch of shoulder and torso into these. You're supposed to. 
  4. Go at those rope jumps like your house is on fire and the only thing you have to knock the flames down with is the wind of your rope.
  5. Keep track of the highest consecutive number of rope jumps. You may surely go above 1000 if you are on a roll.

Happy Solidaridad Week!

Workouts will be longer and keep your HR up for the duration.

Since it IS Solidaridad week, we ask you to consider offering your help and support all across this great community of terrific folk this week. Solidaridad week was a thought given to us by our friend Antonio in Merida, Mexico. Since there are so many of us who do these workouts (The workout we do here in Bountiful is the VERY SAME workout they do in Mexico, California, Oklahoma and North West Arkansas) together. He (and I) thought it'd be fun if we checked in on each other's sites. If you have the time and can swing it, please drop a comment on one of the other GPP affiliates' sites. I'll list them below. Just giving a "howdy" is sometimes all it takes to have an impact on another's health. 

Onelife (GPP Mexico)
Animal House Fitness (GPP Durham, CA)