4 rounds with terrific form:

20 KB jacks 25/35
20 side burpees (R+L=1)
20 twisting good mornings 15/20 (R+L=1)
20 cross-body pulldowns R M/H
20 cross-body pulldowns L M/H

Post "done" to comments.

Daily Extras - Do the burpees one legged. As you kick out to the L you should land on your R foot only. Then it's back to both R&L together as you jump into the air. 

Workout Notes: 

  • Yep, we just did this one! We like to circle back to new workouts to get a little more experience with them before putting them away for several months. 

  • Don't let the KB swing above your head. Need to keep the lats engaged to safeguard your back. Swing the bell too high and you lose stability. No bueno.
  • Not getting enough out of those burpees? Try them one legged. Just the kick out part should be one legged. Once your feet come back to the middle land on both feet and initiate the jump phase with both feet. 

  • Twisting good mornings work best with both hands on the DB. Ashley is demoing a great one-armed version. It's the beginner version. 

  • Don't lock your legs straight on the good mornings. Bend the knees slightly, then lock them. Don't squat through the knees. All the bending should be done at the hips. This will ensure max hammy soreness! :)

  • Es no bueno to move your feet, knees and hips during the cross-body pulldowns. Initiate all the movement through your core. Lock your hips forward and do all the twisting with your abs. Yes, your arms/shoulders will move for sure, but NO HIPS. If your feet are moving, you are doing it wrong.  

  • Thank you to Kate R. for this terrific new core workout. 

Another Meeting for the New Shaping Bias?

I don't really want to film the Shaping Bias meeting this Saturday.  We've done this filming thing in the past and I've never really liked how those come out.

We really don't have the equipment or personnel to get it right. Generally, after making a recording of a meeting, the final product is hard to hear, grainy and is edited poorly so poorly that even folks who REALLY want the info won't watch the vids. I know this because I've checked the stats. The last vid I did had like 20 hits. It was a 10+ min vid and the average watching time was about :30s. Haha! Yep. I suck at it. Hell, even I've never gone back and watched the whole damn thing from beginning to end, so I don't blame anyone who tunes it out. 

With that said, this Shaping Bias is good stuff. It'll change you. And if you interested in it AT ALL I'd like to help you get the info. Many of you have asked for it, so instead of doing a chintzy film that no-one will want to watch,  let's do a couple of different meetings. Better, no? 

Along with the meeting THIS Saturday at 10:30 am, I propose another meeting in 2 weeks from tonight. So that's: Wednesday, October 14 @ 7pm. Hopefully that time will work for more of you. It'll also give some of you who are off-site a little time to situate an airplane ticket & secure a place to stay. :)

For those of you who aren't planning on flying in (like, if you are having a baby that week and can't make it), let's do a conference call. I've been investigating several options for getting a group of us together on the phone. We can have the meeting that way. But seriously, you should really consider flying in. Give me a couple of days to get it together and post details for the meeting. If you are a business type who uses multiple lined meeting rooms and know how this kind of thing is done, please drop me a line so I can call you to get details. 

When I first saw this i was uber-cross. I wondered, "What kind of low-life scumbag would do this to a perfectly righteous barbell?" Does the person who did this have absolutely NO barbell fashion sense? I immediately began picking it off only to realize - it's stuck on there pretty well. I'm going to need some gunk-off to do it right. Promised myself (and the bar) I would stop at the store on the way home and get some. Then, I forgot to get gunk-off.

I saw it the next day, got pissed again, swore, and promised the bar I would fix it soon. I then gave it a hug to comfort it and ran immediately to my car to go buy gunk-off. But, somehow I got distracted and squirreled. Saw it again the next day, felt guilty and proceeded to repeat the entire process (includes swearing, hugs & squirrel). This has gone on for nearly a week.

In that week I noticed something. Whenever we use bars, the first one off the rack is ALWAYS the one with the pink-damned-sticker on it. That thing hardly touches the floor before someone else picks it back up again. It gets a lot of attention. If it's even possible, I'd say that silly little 5' bar almost looks ... HAPPY?! 

Today, I realized there is already some gunk-off in the gym closet. We've had it all along. But just as I was about to gleefully take aggressive action against that stupid pink sticker ... I just couldn't do it. It's weird, but accessorizing this bar makes it seem almost alive. I mean, a good righteous barbell has a certain positive energy to begin with, there is no telling how many people a single barbell has helped, so this really isn't a stretch for me. Plus, whoever put it on there did a really good job. It's perfectly straight and even FAIRLY well centered. And this appeals to my OCD in many more positive ways than a stupid pink sticker INITIALLY took away from my exquisite barbell fashion sense.