For time:

50 walking lunges (R+L=1)
400m unilateral running biceps curl R 15/20
400m unilateral running biceps curl L 15/20
400m running OH triceps ext  15/20
400m unilateral running OH press R 15/20
400m unilateral running OH press L 15/20
50 tick tocks R 15/20 - 200m R side bucket carry 15/20
50 tick tocks L 15/20 - 200m L side bucket carry 15/20

Post time to comments.

Daily Extras - Run 1 mile. Bringing your total up to just over 4 miles for the week! Perfect.

Workout Notes: 

  • We've learned that the secret to not whacking the back of your head and spine with the DB while running and tri'ing, is to hold an end of the DB in each hand. 
  • The point is to do as many reps as possible per run.
  • ROM for tic-tocks is ALL the way over and back. Go until you feel a stretch on both sides of each rep. 

We are NOT closing on Dec. 21st!

This is despite what that new rumor in town told you. Apparently, they (our competition maybe?) have it on good authority that we are just riding out our rental contract and will be closing our doors on Dec 21st. Hehe. That's cute. 

No, it's CLEVER! 

Honestly, it is one of the most creative and insidious rumors ever spread about us.

Yes, we've had a lot of ill-will spitefully flung our way over the years. The first one I remember was, "GPP is cliquey!" It's not. This is manifest in the many friendships (life long bonds no less) that have been forged within our walls. Life-long friendships can only flourish when you're among the most welcoming and genuine humans on earth. If "welcoming, kind, open and friendly" folks make GPP a "clique ..." sign me up! 

The next great rumor to circulate about us was, apparently we have a "super secret" back room where swinging couples put their keys in a bowl (yes, it was that specific) and do a special kind of workout that involves a lot of hip gyrations.  I know you've all heard that one. That rumor was insidious enough to get a high-end LDS church official (important in this area) to warn his leadership about us. Hehe. I still hear this rumor from time to time and am still super pissed about it. Apparently I'm paying rent for a room that everyone knows about, but me. Cliquey bastards.

There have been a slew of others. We won't get into them all. But let's dispel the most current one about our closing/demise. This cannot be true for the following reasons: 

  1. Our rental contract with the landlord expired Aug 1st of this year. If we were going wait out our agreement, we'd have been gone by now. BTW - happy anniversary everyone. It's been 5 great years! LUVURDAMNGUTS!  I hope our competition makes it that long too! Seriously - I do. 
  2. I'm not THAT organized. Those of you who know me understand I'm a fitness guy. I love helping folks. I've acquired a knack for it over the years. Business management isn't really my forte, although I do take a tiny bit of pride in having kept the doors open and the lights on (sans windstorms) for this long. This is more than can be said of a half dozen, or so, other gyms who've opened within the last 5 years in this area. That being said, I don't really operate the way other businesses do. I don't have projections through to December. In fact, I don't have them ALL THE WAY through the middle part of next week. Dec 1st is a pretty specific closure date. Not sure why the rumor picked that day. Be assured, if the world went to hell-in-a-hand-basket tomorrow (blood moons and all that), I'd move heaven and earth to keep the doors open until Dec 2nd - just to spite the rumor. 
  3. GPP is doing fine. Yes, the last 14 months, or so have been a little rough. We've had a lot of gyms open in the area. A LOT. It's hard to compete with the high budget bling and low prices those mega gyms offer. Even still, we do good things here and it shows. I think we've weathered that storm. Most folks are figuring out that even $10.00 per month is too expensive for what those gyms offer. Thanks to you, our future looks very bright. And NO CLOSURE is even in the works. We've NEVER even considered it.

It used to be that competitors would move into the area and just rip on us the old fashioned way. Like,

"GPP sucks, they are all devil worshipers bent on the destruction of your soul. Not only can you NOT get fit down there, you'll likely get injured and DIE! Which is bad because if you hang out down there long enough you'll surely go to Hell anyway."

 I've sort of gotten used to that kind of thing. But this new rumor is ... better. I mean, worse. More malevolent. It's ... just plain sketchy, man. Makes me wonder how anyone who proclaims to want help folks (i.e. own a gym) can act this way toward OTHER folks. Yep, I'm a folk too. Those two actions seem to be ill-at-odds with one another. Then again, I'm just a fitness guy. What do I know about this whole political thing? I've always hoped that I could skirt by with nothing more than a passion to help others while doing what I love. 

Hope you'll mention this to your friends who have lost hope in us and think we are going away. We are NOT closing December 1st. Even more, I hope the purveyors of this rumor will spend a little more time practicing what they preach and truly build EVERYONE up around themselves instead of putting folks down. Yep, I'm a folk. 

The cute little (read: RIPPED) tummy you see in the pic belongs to Hollie. She's a senior in HS this year. When she started here a few months ago, she would have never shown her abs! Since then, she's worked very hard to earn her new found look. She's also earned every bit of confidence that being healthy has afforded her. Congrats Hollie. You inspire!