For time:

100 squats
100 pushups (strict)
100 situps
100 Aussie pullups
100 walking lunges (L+R=2)
1 mile run or 1600m row

You may NOT partition exercises.
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Daily Extras - 

Begin this workout with a mile run. Yes, that is an additional mile to the one at the end. 

Workout Notes: 

  • The Dalton + is one of our oldest named workouts.
  • Focus on form. The benefits of this workout lie in performing excellent reps. 
  • You may begin with ANY exercise you choose. 
  • You may progress through the exercises in ANY order. 

Shaping Bias Anyone? 

It's that time of year again. It's time to start shaping our bodies. Time to switch into another gear. 

It's not healthy to do the same thing all year. Our bodies weren't made to do that. They (bodies) need seasonal change. This ensures natural healthy progression while healing and preventing injuries. 

My favorite way to ensure progress through seasonal change is by initiating the "Shaping Bias" every October. Shaping Bias is a way to incorporate your daily GPP programming with muscular shaping (strength & bodybuilding) techniques. It yields profound health and fitness along with an amazing aesthetic! IOW - the damn stuff is spot-on functional and LOOKS GOOD ON! 

I created the GPP shaping bias 3 years ago. It is my favorite type of training. If I'm being honest, it is the best kind of training for me. I thrive on it. I've somewhat informally introduced it to others and they've done just as well on it too.

Vets, do you need a little change? If you've been doing GPP programming for over a year, it's probably time. I'd like to invite EVERYONE who is interested in learning the GPP Shaping Bias to come to an hour long orientation meeting on the GPP Shaping Bias. It's FREE to members. Both members of the gym and of the site. I want you to have this. You'll love it. 

Meeting will be on Saturday, Oct 3rd at 10:30 am. 

I've revamped the GPP Shaping Bias this year creating several "phases" of progression. I'll be explaining how it works in the meeting. It's super cool. It starts with a strengthening phase for several weeks before morphing into the shaping stuff. We need some strengthening after the summer we just put down!  This year we will also be doing some cool nutritional stuff.  

Thank YOU Stella! Love this.